I would like to say thank you to Meredith Lintott. Thank you for the constant encouragement and reassurance throughout the long and tiresome process of probate of our mother's estate.

Meredith quickly established a network that acted promptly and efficiently from our remote distance to execute all the necessary procedures and make the whole process of probate flow without a glitch.

When my mother passed away, my brother, my wife, my children and I were without direction as to what we should do. Over two years passed before I decided to call upon an expert to help us.  I found Attorney Lintott and during our consultation, I found that my family and I were under many misconceptions and  quickly felt certain I found the expert we needed.

I had answers to my questions, was given clear directions to consider and received a confidence in Meredith that proved to be the right choice.

Again, thank you so much for all you accomplished on our behalf.

Your friends, 

Michael A. Berger and Family

Clearlake Oaks, CA

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Excellent Client Satisfaction

Clients from all walks of life express high satisfaction from our offices, and offer words of wisdom in the world of wills, trusts, probate & family law.

Meredith J. Lintott is an incredible attorney and I wish to thank her for her excellent work in handling my Last Will and Testament for myself and my Special Needs son, Brent.

Her accuracy and efficiency goes without speaking, and I recommend her heartily to anyone for any need.

Carol L.
San Rafael, CA

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I contacted Meredith before my mom passed away. Although my mom planned her affairs very well, there still were questions regarding her wishes upon her death. I lived so far away, and had so many questions. The papers I received from the Trust's attorney were difficult to understand, and it was a very emotional time for me. I was able to contact Meredith via Skype, and from our very first conversation I felt at ease that everything was going to be okay. Meredith shared my family values. Although she was looking out for my interests, she made it clear from the beginning, that it was to my siblings and my benefit that everything be done in an amicable manner, and that the family bonds be considered. Looking back, now that everything is over, I am so grateful that I had an attorney that knew the law, but kept our whole family in mind. I highly recommend Meredith, and plan on using her in the future when I want to set up my own wishes for my husband and children. 

​Kristen O.

When we became parents we realized the importance of getting our assets in order. More importantly we became conscious of the significance of appointing a guardian for our children
in the event of a personal tragedy. Although making vital decisions about our assets and our children’s well-being was uncomfortable, the sense of relief once the process was complete was so worth it. Meredith was efficient and professional, while explaining all the legal terminology. Years later we had to implement changes to our will and family trust. It was as easy as making a phone call to Meredith. She promptly made an appointment with us. We made the necessary changes and we were on our way. We have really appreciated having Meredith walk us through this process. We feel safer knowing that our children will be cared for both physically and financially because of the measures we have put into place.  

​Fort Bragg, CA

Law Offices of Meredith J. Lintott 

We really appreciate Meredith's reasonable and practical approach to simplifying the world of wills and trusts. Meredith first helped us when the children were small. She was able to create simple documents which ensured that our sons would have the guardian of our choice to care for them and their money if something were to happen to us.

As the years went by, we divorced and our needs changed. Upon our divorce I became my children's sole supporter. With one Skype session and a few signatures I was able to ensure that my children were taken care of in case something happened to me. Meredith was available to update my plan and ensure that our difficult times did not impact the children. The peace of mind I have was worth the brief time I spent in this process.

Meredith's services are professional and affordable. Even though we live in San Diego, Meredith was able to use Skype to work with use. I would definitely recommend her services.


San Diego, CA